Winter Pool Care

Get the most out of your pool in the cooler months

Winter in Australia doesn't mean your pool must hibernate. While it's true that pool usage decreases as temperatures drop, neglecting pool care can lead to unsightly and costly problems, including algae growth, staining and equipment wear. As part of our regular servicing, we maintain your pool's health during the cooler months, ensuring it's ready for action when summer returns, or enabling you to enjoy it throughout the year with the right heating solutions and water balance.

Seasonal Maintenance

We offer cool-weather maintenance to prevent algae buildup and equipment issues.

Heater Advice

Extend warm and inviting pool usage into the cooler months with the right heating solutions.

Water Balancing

Winter conditions require specific water balancing to prevent damage and maintain its health.

Equipment Checks

Equipment inspections are year-round to address any issues before they become costly repairs.

Customised Approach

Every pool is different. We offer customised winter care plans tailored to the specific needs of your pool.

Local Experts

Our local knowledge of Kiama, Gerringong, and Berry takes into into account regional weather conditions.


Quick answers for winter pool care

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