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Your partner in agency rental pool and spa maintenance

PoolGuys is your ally in maintaining agency rental properties in Kiama, Gerringong and Berry, offering unparalleled pool and spa care. We understand the importance of maintaining property value and ensuring tenant satisfaction (... and preventing your phone from ringing with issues!). Our services are flexible with property management workflow, delivering reliable, efficient and transparent care. A partnership with us will help safeguard the landlord's investment, enhance tenant experiences, and support your agency's reputation for outstanding property management.

Landlord Assurance

Get pool care that protects the landlord's investment and prevents expensive repairs or replacements.

Tenant Satisfaction

We ensure tenants enjoy a well-maintained pool, preventing common complaints from arising.


Smart management of pool chemicals and timely maintenance avoids unnecessary expenditures.

A+ Communication

We coordinate with you to fit servicing within tenancy agreements and access arrangements.

Proactive Care

Careful checks and early detection of potential issues avoids emergency call-outs and additional costs.

Your Reputation

Every pool under our care meets rigorous standards, upholding your agency's professional reputation.


Quick answers for real estate rentals

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Our Promise

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