Holiday Rentals

Grow your holiday rental asset with outstanding pool care

Have a holiday rental in Kiama, Gerringong or Berry? Make it stand out with pool and spa services designed with your operation in mind. Recognising the pool or spa's pivotal role in guest satisfaction, we deliver expert care tailored to the unique demands of holiday rental properties. From AirBnB gems to retreats, we ensure your aquatic feature remains a highlight, boosting guest experiences and enhancing your reviews. Our discreet, efficient service is designed to maintain your pool's pristine condition seamlessly, setting up memorable stays that pay you dividends.

Guest Focused

We prioritise your guests' experience, ensuring the pool is always clean, safe, and inviting.

A+ Communication

We are excellent communicators, whether with you or with your guests if necessary.

Positive Reviews

We exist to help your property achieve five stars on AirBnB,, Stayz, etc.

Quick Response

Responsive to this fast-paced industry, we can address any urgent issues promptly.

Discreet Service

Our professionals work discreetly, maintaining the pool without intruding on your guests' privacy.

Seasonal Flexibility

We always keep your pool in peak condition, ensuring it's guest-ready for high and low seasons alike.


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