Welcome to PoolGuys

Our main focus is on getting your swimming pool clean, safe to swim and looking its best. We use quality chemicals to optimise your water chemistry for both comfort and to keep it in pristine condition, and know what chemicals and procedures to use to treat any problems and keep them from recurring.

The Pool Guys network sources equipment from the best manufacturers and distributors in Australia. We have negotiated great deals with most of these, and so we are able to pass on these savings to the customer.

You will find our price for pool cleaning and chemicals competitive with most other pool servicing businesses.

Why Choose Us?


We can assist with all types of pool maintenance – from checking filters, pumps, solar, heating, to getting your old pool cleaner moving again.


We have a skilled crew to make most kinds of checks, repair and maintenance work for your pool.


We use photometric testing to measure levels in your pool and only use quality chemicals to optimise the water chemistry for comfort and pristine condition.


Our price for pool cleaning and chemicals are very reasonable and generally lower than most other pool servicing business.